EnDAOmints is a launchpad for NFT projects and WEB3 Brands that works with high-school students to perform design, strategy, community management, and social media marketing services.

We were incepted out of an Aeterna Media internship program as a means to create possibilities for underserved youth in WEB3.

Our first cohort consists of 10 High School students from Highland Park School in St. Paul, Minnesota. We supported the students in launching a student-run NFT community called MNFT, and created a series of designs representing a futuristic vision of Minneapolis.

EnDAOmints cohort MNFT collaborated with Minneapolis based artist Kellan David and his WEB3 brand rtprjcts.xyz to created a series of designs for several MN Timberwolves players. Our interns will be presenting these NFT's to the players during VeeCon 2022.


Each "EnDAOmint" consists of the following

  1. Discovery - We identify the key outcomes of your project, campaign, or brand, and set a strategy to hit those outcomes with a WEB3 solution.

  2. Engagement - We plug in a cohort of youth to work on the project, under the leadership of Aeterna Media team members.

  3. Execution - Aeterna Team manages execution.

  4. EnDAOmint - At NFT minting, an agreed upon % will be set aside for an EnDAOmint. This allocation is distributed between the participating youth, any additional consultants, and the parent organization, or school that the cohort is associated with.